Welcome to the "A Different Fantasy Universe" Wiki

Hi and welcome in this wiki of mine.

The origin of this wiki is for my personal use, where keep notes and so on but then I decided to share it because I'm not jelous so if you found something interesting and want to use it then you have to do 3 simple things:

- leave me a message on my wall where your say "I'm using this"

- give me a copy of your work, I'll not judge it in any way or post it somewhere else

- don't steal what is show here, they are free to use so don't act stupid, if something here give you some kind of inspiration than give credits

All the pages are protected because it happened to some fandom I followed that an idiot come and ruined the pages just for show how much someone can be stupid and useless.

All the image I put in any page have always the name of the artist and any link related to him/her I found like deviantart page or blog pages

Before the main links here a couple of rules


  • Don't insult anyone who leave messages here.
  • Don't insult me or the contents, critics are one thing and are okay but say something bad for no real reason is stupid even because if you think that you can do better then prove it and don't hide yourself behind your PC, anyone can say "I can do better" but how much have the guts to prove it?

No, with this rules I'm not acting like one that is angry or in a bad mood but I just proving that I don't like people that start to spit poison on things just for fun, because they feel they are superior or just for feel better... if you have repressed anger or things like that go to the gym, your body will thanks you.

To the pages

Here you can see the main links to the pages and navigate between the various contents

  • STORIES, where you can found the link of the hubs of my stories
  • PLACES, where you can have specific info about the worlds where the stories take places
  • MISCELANEOUS, where you can obtain general info of the universe where all my stories take place like how work magic and the powers/abilities that are named.

Latest activity

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